Southwest Corner of FM 423 and US 380

Currently, the only building you will see on the southwest corner of FM 423 and US 380 in Frisco, TX is the CVS Pharmacy that is being constructed. Beyond that, they have created some of the roadways and have been excavating the rest of the land in preparation for the rest of the construction.

Based on the latest site plans, there will be two apartment complexes on the edges of the property. The retail segment will be anchored by a grocery store. Currently, that land is owned by HEB. They have not announced any plans to put in an HEB store there, so it could end up being a Central Market.

There were plans of having a dine-in movie theater as well. There were negotiations with Alamo Drafthouse early on, but that eventually fell through. The site plan still has the theater and the developer is apparently trying to find another dine-in movie theater to fill that space.

In addition to the multiple retail spaces, there are also a lot of restaurant pad sites and even a space for gourmet food trucks. The southwest corner should be a pretty interesting place for entertainment and dining. All this just on the other side of FM 423 from Somerset Park.

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